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Built upon four decades of metal forming experience, Repkon is proud to offer high precision manufacturing alternatives through advanced in-house capabilities in strategic technologies such as flowforming, shear forming, hot spinning, forging and ex-proof presses.

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As Repkon, hereby we are glad to announce our newest development thanks to our patented Free Flowforming technology. Repkon technology team has achieved to produce medium range cartridge case from Ø25mm to Ø40mm steel material and large range Ø70mm to Ø 155mm from brass or steel material. With Repkon technology, part dimensional accuracy, part geometry and surface quality of the cartridge cases are excellent.

As known, today the production of cartridge cases is multistaged and expensive process. Normally it requires numerous operations such as heat treatment, surface cleaning, bonderizing, phosphating and so on. However, Repkon is now able to produce cartridge cases by eliminating all these toilsome processes by having critical advantages


Flowforming technology is an advanced cold forming technology (continuous cold forging), which is used in Aerospace and Defence industries for more than 50 years. With the new advancements in this technology (Repkon Free Flowforming Technology) now it is possible to produce chip-less and cost-effective high precision Gun Barrels.

Although flowform technique has been used in wide range of applications in defence industries since many decades, until now it was not possible to produce rifled gun barrels due to technological forming limitations. Thanks to the patented Repkon Free Flowforming Technology which eliminates the existing limitations of the “conventional” forward flowforming and backward flowforming techniques, it is now possible to produce Rifled Gun Barrels using this technology.

Gun barrel production using Repkon Free Flowforming Technology presents a superior alternative to conventional manufacturing techniques such as Single Point or Multipoint Broach Cut Rifling, Button Rifling, Hammer Rifling and Electro Chemical Machining etc.

In addition to advantages listed below this new production technology will help your engineering team to design and develop complex barrels by minimising the manufacturing limitations;

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Defence Cartridge Case Gun Barrel