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REPKON supplies completely automated, turnkey production lines and single machines for the production of passenger car wheels, truck, trailer, tractor and construction vehicle wheels, eye forming combinations, conventional springs and parabolic leaf springs. REPKON further complements its broad product range with the implementation of revolutionary new patented forming processes, thus further enabling its customers to manufacture superior products.


REPKON supplies manual to fully automated, turnkey production lines as well as single machines for the production of all wheel types. From rim preparation, profiling, disc production and assembly to quality control, testing and painting; REPKON has been providing superior equipment and top quality tooling to the wheel industry for over three decades. Furthermore, we are able to offer wheel production technology and process know-how to improve product quality and production efficiency of our customers.

Since being founded in 1978, REPKON has continued to grow as a recognized, worldwide supplier to design and build innovative, cost effective, highly productive and durable wheel manufacturing systems. We have earned that reputation by building systems to last. Over the years we have designed and built machinery for every step of the wheel manufacturing process from the initial coil roll of steel to the final assembled wheel.

REPKON Rim Roller Machines progressively profiles the rim in two or three steps. Machines are designed with automatic load & unload device. The upper and lower spindles are both hydraulically supported by a special designed swing arm mechanism to minimize spindle deflection. On this design the lower spindle support arm moves out for easy/fast loading & unloading of the rim. Forming spindles are driven directly by servo motors.

RWFM 2+1R 75-170 CNC, with its automatic loading and unloading unit, is designed for the chip-less production of rotationally symmetrical parts, especially commercial vehicle wheel discs and rims. The machine is suitable for serial production as well as for single piece production. It works with two independent CNC-controlled forming rollers through an automatic mode with the addition of an inner roller for rim profiling operations.

For a fully automatic operation, RWFM 2+1R 75-170 CNC is equipped with a highly efficient individual work piece loading and unloading unit.

This new concept, differing in various important attributes from other currently available flowformers on the market, consists of a capability of producing both the disc and the rim of a wide range of wheel sizes in the same machine. This concept offers flexibility to the wheel manufacturer.

Cycle times of RWFM 2+1R 75-170 CNC for both rim and disc operations are enhanced through state-of-the- art design techniques as well as by utilizing a high level of automation. Shorter cycle-times for the production of parts do not degrade the tolerances and the overall quality of the final work-piece, as long as the essential requirements for the preforms are fulfilled.

Repkon supplies completely automated, turn-key production lines and single machines for the production of automotive leaf springs. Equipment for the new generation parabolic leaf springs and also air-linkers are also among our features

Parabolic leaf springs are replacing the conventional springs in vehicles. The new design combines an extra reduction in weight, a tremendous decrease in production costs with better spring characteristics.

Use of parabolic leaf springs introduces improvements, such as:

  • Weight reduction up to 30% which is an added value to overall payload capacity

  • Service life increase by a factor of 2 to 5

  • Improvement of vibration absorption characteristics, making it possible to increase the life of transmission, suspension and joint parts and improve conditions for the driver

  • Decrease in vehicle center of gravity height, thus; improving overall vehicle dynamics and stability

  • Reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in tire lifetime.    

Repkon has engineered and designed machines that coversall operations for forming a high quality parabolic leaf spring. In awinning combination of long proven experience in metal forming with high-tech and state of the art solutions, REPKON has developed machines and turn-key solutions that meet customer specific requirements concerning productivity and return on investment.

The Servo-Hydraulic REPKON Eye Forming Machine is used for hot forming of all types of eye combinations, including closed/open, cylindrical/oval, straight/cranked, on parabolic springs or on flat springs especially designed for mass production. The machine performs scarfing of the spring leaf ends, forming of the spring eye and cranking when required, in one full-automatic operating sequence.

Developed REPKON E100 Series Eye Forming Machine performs scarfing, forming and cranking units combined in one chuck of a single machine.

This combination is useful in such purposes;

  • Elimination of idle load-unload period on multi stationed machines.

  • Elimination of misalignment and centering inaccuracies during idle loading and increase in product accuracy

  • Minimization of temperature decrease by heat loss to environment during extra load-unloads. This improves output product quality regarding tolerances, overall shape,surface, etc.

  • Full automatic loading-unloading for the eye forming machine

  • Preheating furnace for the eye forming machine as natural gas or LPG powered

  • PPre-heating furnace for parabolic forming machine as natural gas or LPG powered

  • Water jet descaling unit

  • Parabolic leaf spring taper rolling machine

  • Straightening machine

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