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Human Resources

If you would like to be contacted about potential roles, register by entering your details below and uploading your CV. Your details will be added to our database and sent to one of our consultants. If a suitable role fits your skill set, you will...

Hydraulic Presses

Quick tool change from simple mechanical solutions up to fully automated systems in a matter of minutes The presses comply with all relevant DIN/EN-Norms and contemporary requirements with regard to operating safety and CE conformity Safety l...

Innovative Cartridge Case Production by Repkon’s Patented Free Flowforming Technology

As Repkon, hereby we are glad to announce our newest development thanks to our patented Free Flowforming technology. Repkon technology team has achieved to produce medium range cartridge case from Ø25mm to Ø40mm steel material and large range...

Leaf Spring Production Lines And Machines

Repkon supplies completely automated, turn-key production lines and single machines for the production of automotive leaf springs. Equipment for the new generation parabolic leaf springs and also air-linkers are also among our features